Summit Adventures Nicaragua

Volcano boarding is the newest phenomenon to hit the adventure travel world. It is a multi-sport experience that combines the endurance of hiking with the nostalgia of sledding into a once-in-a-lifetime volcanic adventure. Don't go home without telling your friends that you sled down a volcano in Nicaragua!

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Take a walking tour of this beautiful city and surround yourself in Nicaragua's rich history and culture. Allow the vibrant city murals to captivate you as you walk along Leon's colorful streets--there's no end of incredible photo ops! Then, make your way through the local market and let the sights, smells, and colors envelop you as you soak in the local culture.

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Vacations were made for adventure and what's more adventurous than hiking right up to the crater of an active volcano? Take the morning to relax in your hotel or explore the city before dedicating your afternoon and evening to summiting an active volcano. You're friends back home will be green with envy!

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Bilingual Guides
Our guides are bilingual in English and Spanish
Innovative Experiences

We're constantly coming up with new and exciting adventure options in Leon, Nicaragua

Unparalleled Adventure
We offer experiences that you won't find anywhere else--like the chance to sled down a young volcano and the opportunity to hike right up to the crater of an active giant!
Cultural Tours
Fun and adventure mean different things to different people, which is why we offer an art and history-rich tour of Leon City option for culture-oriented taste of Nicaragua
Adventure Tours
Our volcano boarding and volcano hike tours are rich in adventure and perfect for going home with an incredible story to tell
Dual-Country Adventures
Travel from Nicaragua down to neighboring Costa Rica for a dual-country adventure vacation with our partner company, Desafio Adventure Company


Door-to-door transfers available throughout Nicaragua!


Stop by Tropical House Lounge for delicious international cuisine

Come for the food, stay for the fun!

While you're in Nicaragua, make sure you stop by Tropical House Lounge for a great atmosphere, cold drinks and--most importantly--delicious food!

A day of adventure and excitement can really work up an appetite and Tropical House Lounge offers the perfect assortment of local fare and international dishes. So whether you decide to keep the adventure going by trying Nicaraguan cuisine or you'd rather bask in the nostalgia with a dish from back home, Tropical House Lounge has what you're looking for everytime.

So, come have a delicious meal in our restaurant, Tropical House Lounge and, as we like to say... Come for the food, stay for the fun!