About Us

Who we are

At Summit Adventures Nicaragua, we are a team passionate about adventure and we are dedicated to taking that adventure to new heights.  We also believe it is important to learn about the culture you are visiting, all while having fun along the way.  So we invite you to join us in any one of our tours right here in Nicaragua, where culture meets adventure!

What we do

We strive to give our clients truly memorable experiences in every single one of our tours and services here in Nicaragua.  We achieve this by our attention to detail and the personal care and assistance we happily and graciously provide to each of our clients, while always being safe along the way.

Like Spider Man’s uncle once said, “with great power, comes great responsibility” and we take pride in implementing sustainable tourism practices and programs within our local community.  For example, we are happy to continue in our founders' footsteps by contributing to sea turtle conservation efforts locally and bringing awareness to this important cause. 


When adventure comes calling, this is the team who will make your experience unforgettable

Pedro Mejia

Pedro Mejia

Director of Operations

Pedro Mejia is the Co-Founder and Director of Operations of Summit Adventures Nicaragua.  He studied Hospitality Management before deciding to travel the world and take all kinds of jobs along the way. All of his travel experience and his passion for responsible and sustainable tourism set the stage for Summit Adventures Nicaragua, where he's excited to share the incredible history and culture of Nicaragua with guests while having lots of fun along the way!  Look out for him when you’re in the office or on a tour, his contagious and unique laugh gives him away! 



Christine Larson-Krishnan

Christine Larson-Krishnan

Adventure Partner

Christine Larson-Krishnan is the co-owner of the popular Costa Rican tour operator Desafio Adventure Company and a contributing partner of Summit Adventures Nicaragua. She brings over 20 years of adventure tourism experience to the table and is constantly on the lookout for new, exciting, and enviromentally friendly adventure opportunities.



Suresh Krishnan

 Suresh Krishnan

Adventure Partner

Suresh Krishnan is the other co-owner of Costa Rican tour operator Desafio Adventure Company and one of Summit Adventure Nicaragua's contributing partners. He is the epitomy of an "idea man" and is constantly innovating new and creative ways to experience the outdoors. With over twenty years of experience in the adventure tourism industry, his methodical approach and out-of-the-box thinking result in unforgettable adventure activities.