Volcano Boarding

Volcano Boarding in Nicaragua

Take your adventure to new heights

Introducing Your Next Adventure!

Shake off the monotony of daily life and say hello to the world and to Summit Adventures in Nicaragua!

Get out from behind your desk and scale a volcano in the heart of the Nicaraguan Rainforest. Then, suit up and get ready to make your wild descent via volcano sledding adventure! Feel the wind whip through your hair as you fly down the volcano's incline over genuine volcanic rock and pebbles. Your soul will soar on wings of wild abandon as the feeling of pure freedom carries you down the volcano.

It is an unforgettable experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity--and now's your change to make it happen!

Summit Adventures Nicaragua Volcano Boarding

What is Volcano Boarding?

The Logistics

Volcano boarding is the newest phenomenon to hit the adventure travel world. It is a multi-sport experience that combines the endurance of hiking with the nostalgia of sledding into a once in a lifetime volcano adventure.



How Does It Work?

The Summit and the Plunge

Hike 45 min up one of Nicaragua's volcanos and then sled down!

Where Do I Sign Up?!

Investing in Adventure

Just contact us and we'll get you all set up!

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