El Hoyo Volcano Hike

El Hoyo Volcano Hike

El Hoyo is a volcanic complex formed by several structures.


The first volcano is called 'El Picacho.' After an abundance of activity, this volcano collapsed, forming other volcanic structures. Currently, the most significant is the El Hoyo Volcano. This can be distinguished by a hole located in the side of the volcano instead of at its peak.


We hike to the top of El Hoyo’s crater at 1,088m above sea level to see the unforgettable views of the surrounding volcanoes and lakes.  The total hiking time is approximately 7 hours. 

What to Bring:

• Water
• Camera
• Sunscreen
• Hiking shoes
• Hat
• Snacks

What’s Included:

• Transportation
• Entrance
• Bilingual guide
• Beverage

Additional Information:

• 3 person minimum
• Difficulty level 5 out of 10

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