Ruins of Leon Viejo Tour

Ruins of Leon Viejo Tour

Leon Viejo, or Old Leon, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site located on the shores of Lake Xolotlan (Lake Managua) with impressive views of Momotombo Volcano.  Leon Viejo is one of the oldest Spanish settlements in the Americas.


Founded in 1524 by Francisco Hernández de Córdoba, this city fell victim to various natural disasters.  After a big earthquake in 1610, the city moved to present day Leon.  Even in ruins, you will see where the Cathedral of Santa Maria de La Gracias once stood, as well as La Merced Church and Convent as well as other structures that served as houses, civil and military instalations.


After the tour we stop in La Paz Centro for a traditional “Quesillo” snack and a drink.

What to Bring:

• Water
• Camera
• Sunscreen
• Comfortable shoes
• Hat

What’s Included:

• Transportation
• Entrance
• Bilingual guide
• Water
• "Quesillo" snack and drink
• Pictures
• Tour Insurance by INISSER

Additional Information:

• 3 person minimum

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